063 – even hell’s angels recycle

even hell’s angels recycle:

after i left work tonight i decided to go for a quick walk before catching the train home… there was a little bit of the golden hour left and i thought i might shoot some nice city-scapes from protrero hill or something.  instead… i took a turn down a random road because i saw a late 80′s landcruiser (which you can see in the background of the last picture), and i really love those cars.  when i got to the end of the alley i saw the sign ‘parking for hell’s angels only,’ and didn’t think much of it other than to assume that it was the san francisco sport-bike rider’s equiv’ of ‘princess parking only.’  as i kept walking towards the landcruiser i noticed that all signs pointed towards this actually being the hell’s angels san francisco headquarters.  it was.

pretty cool to just stumble across it like that.  i grew up riding motorcycles, and helping my dad work on his… my dad built my first one for me when i was 10 years old – a 1976 honda minitrail 50… i loved that thing.

the thing that struck me as very odd (at first) was the line of recycling cans next to the basketball hoop, next to the neatly wrapped-up water hose, next to a door that was labeled ‘jp’s no mercy gym’ – it was like a caricature of a hell’s angels club… it was the ymca for weathered motorcylists – it then occurred to me that all this makes perfect sense… like most things in life (at least to my findings) the perception of something from a distance is rarely (never?) as accurate as the perception from a tiny bit closer, and a tiny bit closer – and in this case the lack of human presence at the club helped in that realization. it’s just a social club that used to be about something, and maybe still is – but what it really is is people trying to find people like themselves. i want to be different too, sure. but what i want more is to relate. we all do… and so, my thoughts are… even the hell’s angels recycle.

Charlie Mar 6th, 2013 at 12:28 pm

buncha softies.

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