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randomslices – 2011 – jared smyth @ uprlip.com, jredsmyth.com

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download randomslices here
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randomly play back slices of looping audio infinitely changing from a single sample.  my goal was to build something that simulated scanning through radio stations in high speed, and in a semi-quantized fashion, but utilizing a single sample as the source material for the bits of sound.

depending on how you set up the controls (which i have left totally up to the user… they don’t auto load any default other than zero, as loading some default would be pointless anyway, the numbers are relative to the length of your sample) you can achieve a set of sounds ranging from harsh and glitchy to smooth and organic.

play around, have fun.  if it seems to have frozen for a bit and is not producing audio, it’s not frozen… you’ve generated some exponent that is either slicing too small to hear, or is beyond the end/beginning of your sample’s audio… to get it making sound again simply adjust the ‘set time’ control

let me know what you think of it, where you use it, and where i can hear the results.

there is a demo video below showcasing the more glitchy side of what this app can do. also, there is a short track i recorded utilizing one 0.04 second sample in randomslices rewired into ableton, showcasing more of the subtle, textural things one can achieve with randomslices.



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Charlie Jul 13th, 2011 at 4:44 am

Dude! Awesome!

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