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recently my job hired me on the side (as-in, not for the usual work i get paid to do there) to create some covers/instrumental versions of a select set of hit songs from the 80′s.  sounds right up my alley aye? sarcasm there, no?  so, i need money and i took the job, plus i had the idea to do these covers in true 8-bit format…. straight from the n.e.s. and all that, and that sounds like a blast to me as i would never give myself a chance to do something like this for my own music (8-bit and ambient don’t seem to go together very well).  i’ve got about fifteen songs to do and will probably release them as a for-free download album when i’m done with them.  so, look forward to that… more sarcasm?  anyways, i got this true 8-bit composition program today called milky tracker.  it’s a little complicated to figure out how to use, but as a test run i did the following with a few samples of leaves rustling  for the percussion and one sine wave for the rest.  it’s an 8 bar loop repeated a few times.  enjoy.

  • April 30th, 2011
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Martin Jan 2nd, 2012 at 6:03 am

“8-bit and ambient don’t seem to go together very well” …. hmmm, thats sounds like a rule to be broken :-)

or at least an unexplored country

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